Welcome to Garden Lane Launderette, Chester












Welcome to the Garden Lane Launderette where we cater for all of your laundry needs and more.

Our friendly staff are ready to take care of your washing with our state of the art washers and dryers.

So, whether you are a local resident or a student, or passing by on the nearby Chester canal, drop in and give us a spin.

For new opening times please go to “Contact Us” page.

We offer the following services:

Full service washes.

Wash only service.

Dry only service.

Dry and fold service.

Duvet cleaning.

Blanket and bed covering cleaning service.

Alterations and repairs. Are now once again in operation.

Rug washing service.

Dry Cleaning, this service is now available again, the dry cleaners are now operating a bit more normal. Which means dry cleaning is carried out slightly quicker. Once they return to their normal working hours, the dry cleaning will return back to a next day service.

Ironing services.

Sport kits.

See our price list.


It is greatly appreciated that the government has deemed fit to relax the measures that they instigated regarding the COVID-19 virus, therefore the Laundrette is now required to instigate new safety measures at its premises.

It is regretted that due to the physical size of the Laundrette, Social Distancing within the premises cannot be achieved.

Therefore It is regretted that customers are not permitted inside the premises to use the machines themselves.

For that reason, all washes carried out, must be carried out by Laundrette staff only.

Hopefully once the coronavirus has been eliminated, the Laundrette will be able to return to normal operation.

The only way to defeat this virus is to comply with social distancing, and safety measures, which are laid down by the government, with the intention of safeguarding all of the population.

We must all do our bit to defeat this terrible virus.



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